Bloomfield Estates Improvement Association, Inc.

Architectural Review and Approval Procedures

If you plan to build a new structure, or change an existing structure, your plans need to be submitted to the BEIA for approval before they are submitted to the Township.

Please review, and abide by, the requirements listed in the BEIA Deed and Building Restrictions (link below).  Note that the requirements vary by lot number.

Please prepare a fully dimensioned Plat plan showing that the proposed structure complies with all the set back requirements. The BEIA is only concerned that the plans conform to the Deed and Building Restrictions.  Please submit the plans (minimum four copies) to the board member in charge of Architectural Review (see Board of Directors contacts).

Your plans will be reviewed, and if they conform, approval will be granted with the official stamp of the BEIA.  We will retain a copy for our records and return the other three for you to submit to the Bloomfield Township Building Department.

Please feel free to contact the board member in charge of Architectural Review if you have any questions.

BEIA Deed Restrictions (PDF)